Copyrighting – S.C.A.M.

How do you save an image, or copy it onto another post? Just find an image, copy and paste it, right? Wrong! It’s not that simple. Copyright is a system that makes it illegal to post a photo that isn’t yours. The copyright symbol is ©️

An easy way to help with copyright is to simply know S.C.A.M.

– Safe than sorry. If you aren’t sure if it’s copyright, don’t use it! Most Google images are protected by copyright.

– Create. If you need an image for a project, create it yourself. You could take a picture of your backyard, or draw something. HOWEVER, you can’t take a picture of something protected by copyright.

– Ask. If you know the person who made it, just ask if you can use it. If you don’t know the person, it’s probably going to be a little tricky to get in touch with them.

– Music. If it is a sound/piece of music, that’s an automatic sign that you should not use it. Do not download any music and showcase it off!

What if I need a picture, I don’t want to make one, and I can’t find any that don’t have copyright!  Well, there are lots of sites that are filled with pictures that you can use that are all available!


So, the next time you go to randomly post a picture off of Google, remember S.C.A.M! Comment your ways of remembering how to not use copyright!



3 thoughts on “Copyrighting – S.C.A.M.

  1. Hi Arcadia,
    Your post is both informative and useful. I like the acronym SCAM. It makes it easy to remember how to use images and music that are copyrighted.
    I like the image you have chosen as the feature on your blog. Did you use your advice when choosing it? Is it one of your own images? The flowers are beautiful.
    I like your avatar too. Well done.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi, Norah! I actually just set the theme for my blog as the flowers, it was a choice I could use to add to my blog. You can do the same if you go to themes in your blog! The flowers theme is the billie one. Have fun blogging!

  2. Hi Arcadia,
    Thank you for the tip. I do enjoy blogging. I have been blogging for a long time now. I have two blogs that I write. I used to be a teacher. Now I am a writer.
    Have fun!
    Best wishes,

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